Raptor Robotic Pool Cleaners

Cleaning your pool is fun and simple with our Raptor range of Robotic Pool Cleaners!

Let a robot take the hard work out of cleaning your pool with intelligent pool cleaning at your fingertips.


Check out the range of features available in the Raptor series of Robot Cleaners:

  • Obstacle detect & detour
  • Gravity & out of water sensors
  • Designed for pools up to 200m2
  • 2 easy-to-clean filter baskets
  • 6 cleaning programs to choose from
  • Floor/Wall/Tile cleaning
  • 18m cable
  • Remote or Bluetooth option
  • 3 year warranty

Raptor Robotic Cleaners brochure

Raptor Robotic Cleaner


Raptor Classic H2032 Raptor H3012 MIA H1005
Cycle Time 2/3/4 hours 1/2/3 hours 1/1.5/2 hours
Cable 18m 18m 9m
Brushes PVC Brush PVC Brush PVC Brush
Filtration Rate 180 micron 180 micron 180 micron
Voltage 24v DC 24v DC 24v DC
Pool Type Concrete/ Fibreglass/Pebblecrete/Tiled Concrete/ Fibreglass/Pebblecrete/Tiled Concrete/ Fibreglass/Pebblecrete/Tiled
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Dry Weight 13.8kg 13.8kg 10.6kg
Caddy Optional Optional Optional
Remote Remote App/Remote n/a
Motor Dual Dual Dual
Waterline Y Y N
Walls Y Y N
Floor Y Y Y
Recommended pool size 12-15m 12-15m 7m
Colours White/blue/grey combination White/blue/grey combination Red/white combination
Filtration type Cartridges Cartridges Bag
Field Residential Residential Residential