The Turmion® system – Push the button, begin living

Turmion® allows you to remotely turn on and off any electrical appliance around your swimming pool and spa, home and backyard, farm, construction and building site from a distance.

  • Turn appliances on and off remotely with the handheld remote
  • Create multiple programmed sequences to power devices on and off automatically
  • Override programmed sequences anytime with the remote
  • No wiring needed – simply plug in your appliances to Turmion® and begin operating them with the remote control

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Turmion® range

Name Description
SLBR Turmion® 8CH Basic Remote
SLMR Turmion® LCD Master Remote
SL2-10 Turmion® 2CH 10A Outlet
SL1-15 Turmion® 15A Outlet
SLMC Turmion® Master Controller
SL2-ACT Turmion® 24vac 2CH Actuator Outlet
SLMC-T Turmion® Master Controller with Temp
TDU Turmion® Display Unit

Kits available

Name Description Kit includes
2CH KIT Turmion® 2CH 10A Output + 8CH Basic Remote SL2-10 + SLBR
2CH SMART KIT Turmion® Master Controller + 8CH Basic Remote SLMC + SLBR