Turmion® Pro WiFi TXF

WiFi Light Transformer

Turn on your pool lights from your phone. No need to find your way in the dark anymore!

Ascon Pool’s Turmion® Pro WiFi Transformer lets you do it all from your mobile phone – switch lights on and off, change colours, set scenes and create timers. Using the app you can schedule your pools lights to turn at specific times. With the Turmion® Pro WiFi TXF2 you can control two lights and set individual timers for each.

Available as a single connect suitable for one individual LED pool light and a twin connect that is suitable for two individual LED pool light connections.

  • App controlled
  • Connect to your WiFi network for range and flexibility
  • Available in single and twin connections
  • Remotely control and build schedules

For more information contact Ascon Pool today on 1300 127 266.

Turmion Pro WiFi TFX
Turmion® Pro WiFi TXF1 Turmion® Pro WiFi TXF2
Code 34477 34521
Protection Rating IP44 IP44
Input 230-240 VAC 50Hz 230-240 VAC 50Hz
Output 12VAC 30VA 12VAC 30VA
Outlets 1 2
Amps 10 10
Fuse 1 x 4A 2 x 4A
Dimensions (cm) 12.5L x 17.5H x 7.5W 12.5L x 17.5H x 7.5W
Weight (kg) 1.2 1.6