Turmion Pro

Turmion® Pro

App Controlled Automation

Featuring Bluetooth 4.0 it’s now easier than ever to control your home and garden appliances.


SFilter Series

Clearly the best in the backyard

Our Italian and Austrian designed SFilter will provide beautiful water for your pool.



Backyard Automation

Remotely turn on and off any electrical appliance around your home, business or farm.

MS3D-UD Multi Solar Controller Up-Down


Multi Solar Controller Up-Down

The controller that does the Up Down work for you – no roof sensor required.

The sun always shines with AsconPool

At Ascon Pool we are customer focused. We provide competent, reliable and dependable services and products. Ascon Pool develops and supplies innovative and quality products for all your pool requirements. We are a quality local equipment supplier with ISO9001 accreditation.


Ascon Pool is proud to be the Casambi Australia Sales Partner for their range of Smart and Connected devices. Ascon Pool has integrated Casambi’s flexible and easy to use devices into the heart of the new Turmion® Pro range. This pairs the versatile and rubust Turmion® home automation range with a smart and connected Casambi platform controllable by smartphones, tablets and more.

More details on the range of Casambi Australia products available from Ascon Pool is coming soon. In the meantime contact Ascon Pool – Worldwide Casambi Gurus – for further information or download the Casambi App for iOS and Android below.

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